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Iowa All Stars

1              Lexi Sweeney                    Davenport Central
2              Elle Tubbs                            Clinton
3              Raven Jones                       Clinton
4              Mary Rolf                            Davenport Assumption
5              Shannon Telsrow             Durant
6              Emily Paul                            Pleasant Valley
7              Alexa Ito                              Bettendorf
8              Maggie Runge                   Bettendorf
9              Josie Herbst                       Bettendorf
10           Megan Sharkey                Bettendorf

Coach    Bruce Billingsley – St Ambrose University women’s volleyball
Emily Hermiston – 2013 North Scott grad and current SAU player


Illinois All Stars

1              Macy Hancock                   Orion
2              Ally Zahringer                    Rock Island Alleman
3              Dana Storm                        Geneseo
4              Halie Clark                           Geneseo
5              Mariah Ross                       Moline
6              Ashton Lee                         Orion
7              Emiley Flores                     United Township
8              Michelle Harvey               Moline
9              Haley Sigel                          Rock Island
10           Daria Taylor                        Rock Island

Coach    Catherine Wildner – St Ambrose University men’s volleyball

2015 Iowa vs Illinois Girls High School All Star Volleyball Match