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12 Key Areas to Reduce Violence in the Community

Partners of Quad Cities Youth Summit - Stop The Violence - Keep Us Safe

Davenport Schools

Davenport Police Department 

Juvenile Court Services

Beyond The Baseline

Hoopn 4 Change

The Table

Braking Traffik

Boys & Girls Club of Mississippi Valley

Celebrity Styles


Bettendorf Police Department

St Ambrose University Psychology Department

Family Resources

Iowa Workforce Development

Friendly House

Ricks House of Hope

public officials that have attended a youth summit

Phyllis Thede - Iowa House of Reps

Maria Dickmann - Davenport Alderman

Linda Hayes - Davenport School Board

Daniel Gosa - Davenport School Board

Dr Art Tate - Davenport School Superintendent

Bob Gallagher - Bettendorf Mayor

We are excited to be part of the solution to reduce violence in the Quad Cities.  


Quad Cities Youth Summit - Stop The Violence - Keep Us Safe - part of a comprehensive plan to reduce violence in our community.  


Purpose:          get the youth involved in the process of reducing violence and to buy in

                        create “anti-violence ambassadors” – leaders that will help stop it

                        get feedback from the youth on what is happening
                        help the youth and community make a plan of attack

                        give youth options to stay involved in positive events 
                        build relationships between our youth and community leaders
                        build relationships between our youth and the police force
                        give community leaders an outlet to hear from our youth on violence


Since October 2015 We have worked with over 2000 kids in the Quad Cities in the Davenport School System and Rock Island High School.  In the 2017/18 school year we conducted youth summits with every freshman at Davenport West, Central, and North high schools.  In addition, we conducted summits at Wood Jr High and JB Young Opportunity Center where 80+ middle schoolers from the Davenport Jr Highs attended.  

 In calendar year 2018/19 we have youth summits scheduled at Davenport West, Central, and North working with every student in the freshman class.  In addition, we have summits schedule at Smart , Williams, Sudlow and Wood Jr Highs working with every 6th grader.  

We are just starting to enter the Elementary schools with a program as well.