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Long time Quad Cities resident and current Rock Island Asst Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Henry Hall discusses youth sports.

Top Ten Ways To Show Good Sportsmanship While You are Kicking  Your Opponents Butt.

10.  Helping a player up after knocking them down.

9. Handing the ball to a referee every chance you get even after a bad call. 

​8. Projecting positivity even when ticked.

7. High five teammates whenever close.

​6. Cheering on teammates when they do good and bad. 

​5. Quit shaking your head at everybody. 

4. Make eye contact with every ref, coach, adult when they are talking to you. 

​3. Don't be yelling YEAAAAAH after every routine play. 

2. Show respect after the game to the other team win or loose by shaking hands and give up a "good job". 

​1. Look in the mirror and blaming only who you see when you lose.  

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