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Ed & Theresa Wing

Clinton Volleyball

Dick Eagle

Rock Island and Davenport Central Basketball

Charles Lard

Davenport Athletics

Joe Creen

Future Lady Knights

The 2023 Pillar of Light award recipients

The 2022 Pillar of Light award recipients

AJ Jones

QC Hitmen

Joe Hill

DaFuture Basketball

Dennis VanderVinne

Bettendorf Little Dogs

Tom Circello

Ranglers Pioneers

Part of the mission of QCYSF is to recognize individuals who have given a big part of their lives to help our youth and youth sports improve.

The "Pillar Of Light" award is given each year to nominated individuals that have gone above and beyond to make a difference.  A "Pillar" is a strong foundation that maintains stability over time..  "Light" enhances growth, development, and enthusiasm.  

Each year during the IHMVCU Shootout selected individuals will be honored at halftime of the feature game and awarded the QCYSF "Pillar Of Light"

If you would like to nominate someone that you feel has made an incredible impact on our youth and youth sports please use the nomination form 

Pillar Of Light Nomination form pdf

Joseph Obleton

40 years of Athletics

The 2018 Pillar of Light award recipients

The 2020 Pillar of Light award recipients

Elaine Bernauer

Davenport West Little League

Jesse Dobbels

Geneseo Athletics

Tiffany Harris

25 years Ebony Illusion Dance

16 years Genesis Volleyball

The 2017 Pillar of Light award recipients

Matt McDowell

25 years Davenport Youth Programs

The 2019 Pillar of Light award recipients

John Alonzo

Jr Panthers Basketball

Heartland Havoc Softball

Kevin Iams

25 years 

Moline Athletics

James Hand

Dewitt Athletics