Used Equipment Needed

​     Do you have used equipment / items that you no longer need and would like to help another in need? 

     We are taking the following items to be reused or recycled:

​      1. medals, trophies in any shape

      2. shoes for all sports that are in good shape

      3. softball or baseball bats/equipment  in any shape

      4. clothing items in good shape including jerseys, pants, shorts

      5. Bags or backpacks

​      6. Basketballs, baseballs, footballs, softballs, volleyballs.  Any ball the a young person can use. 

​     These items will be placed in homes with kids in need or recycled with the funds going to help kids in need.

​      Items can be dropped off at Beyond The Baseline, 1540 W 12th Street, Davenport, Iowa

Items Most Wanted

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